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18/02/2019 - Modern Calligraphy - Emma Barnes, Emerald Paper, Cirencester

Join Emerald Paper Design on a beginners guide to modern calligraphy During the session, key modern calligraphy basics will be covered; how to use the essential tools, mark making drills to practice ...[more →]

19/02/2019 - Draw Like Raphael, Cirencester

Spend a day indulging yourself in the delights of the age of Renaissance; the age of beautiful drawings, classic but revolutionary. The tutor, Mark Kelland, will inform and demonstrate the techniq...[more →]

20/02/2019 - Willow Wall Basket, Cirencester

Using Somerset willow and traditional techniques, create a useful basket to hang on your wall. ...[more →]

21/02/2019 - Tonal Still Life Drawing in Charcoal - Dan McDermott, Cirencester

A day long workshop exploring the benefits of using charcoal to capture light and shadow. Learn how to draw in proportion, see true tonal values and create drawings that are full of atmosphere. The t...[more →]

22/02/2019 - Introduction to Watercolour, Cirencester

This workshop introduces students to the basic techniques of watercolour painting and is suitable for people totally new to watercolours or for those who havent painted for a long time. In the morni...[more →]

22/02/2019 - Parent and Child Clay Head Modelling, Cirencester

Sharing a creative experience with a family member can be huge fun! This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 7. Bring along an image of a favourite character and recreate it in clay. Wi...[more →]


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