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19/10/2017 - The Bicycle Thieves - Corinium Cinema, Cirencester

Thursday 19 October, 7pm Bicycle Thieves tells the story of Antonio, a long unemployed man who finally finds employment putting up cinema posters for which he needs a bicycle. His wife pawns all th...[more →]

21/10/2017 - Cirencester Flavour of the World Market, Cirencester

There is a historical significance to the marketplace. Before the supermarkets, before the internet; the marketplace was where traders would introduce their world to the world. Traders, who had sai...[more →]

21/10/2017 - Gallery Tour, Cirencester

Saturday 21 October, 2-3pm Join Valija for a tour of the Roman galleries, examining the garments shown in works of Roman art. Well explore how knowledge of fashion, fibres and dyes can enrich our ...[more →]

21/10/2017 - Monster Maracas - Childrens Workshop , Cirencester

Saturday 21 October, 2-3pm Musical instruments have been used for thousands of years. Create your own maraca and decorate it inspired by the beasts and creatures from myths and legends gone by. ...[more →]

21/10/2017 - Mythical Masks - Family Drop-in and Discovery Zone , Cirencester

Saturday 21 October, 11-12pm Learn about Roman myths through stories and objects. Create your own mask based on a character from Roman myth and legend and put it on for a fantastical photo. Cos...[more →]


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